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Accumulator Head
Extrusion Blow Moulding Machines

As happened for EBM and ISBM machines, MAGIC has been the first company worldwide to launch Full Electric Accumulator Head EBM machines. High energy savings, precise movements, repeatability of the processing cycles, simplicity of use, and savings in spare parts are only some of the advantages and benefits of MAGIC’s technology.

One hundred percent designed by MAGIC, Full Electric Accumulator Head EBM machines are the most advanced solution for the customers of today and tomorrow. 

All-Electric market machine trends

The market over the years and currently, is recognizing the great advantages of the Magic All-Electric machine. This technology is the result of years of experience and research and development. The advantages brought by the All-Electric technology have no end, such as 50%+ less energy consumption than the older technologies. 70% less maintenance costs and less time spent on required machine maintenance. Through Teleservice it can possible connect the machine to the internet for remote software updates.


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Personal Care & Medical

Bottles for clean rooms, environment friendly and for the consumer.

Cosmetic & Pharmaceutical

High quality and safety for the final user. Simple to recycle.

Household & Cleaning

For high durability bottles, free from contamination and resistant to the surrounding environment.


All-Electric technology

The 3rd generation of All-Electric Blow Molding machine. Develop up to 60 Tons and 1600 mm clamping stroke.

High tonnage

Up to 65 Tons and with 30x less energy consumption and 27% more clamping force. We can develop high tonnage with very small energy requirement.

Long stroke

Up to 1600mm carriage stroke and the Long Stroke machine can offer a lot of benefits to produce a multicavity or big jerrycan container.

Energy efficiency

Using less energy, it can appreciate the energy savings. Use less energy for a more efficient machine.


Connect the machine for a fast troubleshooting and software update. Much easier and faster as never before.

19” HD Display

Bigger means better. With the latest version of the magicOS it is possible to appreciate with a big screen what happen in the machine.

Service & Spare Parts

Via Puecher 24, 20842 Besana
In Brianza MB
Tel. +39 0392301096

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