Top brand
To guarantee our customers the best durability for the machine we use high quality components.

Italian products
Thanks to over 60 years of experience in the Blow Molding we offer the excellence Made in Italy.

The process
All innovations come from cooperation with our customers to strengthen the relationship with them.

Technical materials
All material are selected, inspected and tested with great care

High quality customization
Every customer has his own specific needs and this requires a great attention to the details and a dedicated development. This is part of our DNA.

Thanks to the 3rd gen. of All-Electric machines Magic became a reference point in the world of blow moulding.


The shape that meet the needed
Simple design is an integral part of our success. It all starts from customer’s needs.

We build machines with functional design, that can work 24/7

Experience is crucial
In order to offer a user friendly experience it is necessary to start from the analysis of customer’s needs, abilities and behaviours.


Clamping system
Patented clamping is the heart of the machine and guarantees a perfect distribution of the force all over mould surface.

Carriage movement
Patented carriage movement with energy recovery during the braking phase.

Customizable carriage stroke
Our patented system guarantees endless repeatability of the cycle.

Safe technology
Clean (oil free), safe, low noise.

The All-Electric technology
All electric machines are the most advanced answer to customer needs.

Top level technology
There is no secret in All-Electric technology. Everything is traceable and editable from the screen with amazing human-machine interaction.


Software Magic.
The best user experience on a Blow Molding machine.

HD display.
A better quality of the display is increasingly required to better show the information of the machine and to guarantee readability.

Controlled from the Tele-service.
Machines remotely connected for a fast service and software upgrade.

There is no simpler way to operate on the machine remotely, safely and at speed. Easy and fast.

Change from the screen the settings of the machine..
It has never been so easy to control the machine and be able to interact with it in a simple way. All this thanks to the All-Electric technology and the Magic Software.

Connect the machine via internet to control it from your PC.

Service & Spare Parts

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