Technology that eco-interacts with the environment.

Health & Safety

Safety is our priority for the operator


We make components without contaminating products.


Less energy required to be more efficient.


Research and decision sciences papers on sustainability and green industry.


Full Electric technology is a green technology, with no hydraulic fluid that could contaminate the final product, above all for the machines dedicated to Cosmetics, Food & Beverage, and Pharmaceutical industries.
MAGIC’s electric machines require 50% less energy to run and save 60% on total annual maintenance costs. Having been a pioneer in Full Electric machines, MAGIC has made the world better and more sustainable.

Projects with recycled plastics completed


Reusable components


Growth of eco-sustainable projects

Circular Economy with All-Electric technology


Never been so simple, useful and necessary to produce uncontaminated bottles for the consumers. It is our mission to try to produce a better bottle for all uses.


Rethinking and improving the functioning of such a complex value chain requires efforts and greater cooperation by all its key players, from plastics producers to recyclers, retailers and consumers.


Thanks to the All-Electric technology applied in Blow Molding machine, will help our society to take a new step forward for a better economics and environment.

You Should Know

Commission confirmed it would focus on plastics production and use and work towards the goal of ensuring that all plastic packaging is recyclable by 2030.

Turning challenges
into opportunities

Moving decisively towards a more prosperous and sustainable plastics economy could deliver considerable benefits. To reap these, we need a strategic vision, setting out what a ‘circular’ plastics economy could look like in the decades ahead.

Improving the economics/quality of plastics recycling

Stepping up the recycling of plastics can bring significant environmental and economic benefits. Higher levels of plastic recycling, comparable with those of other materials, will only be achieved by improving the way plastics and plastics articles are produced and designed.

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