For over 50 years MAGIC mp s.p.a. has been active in the market, being committed to building plastic extrusion/blow-moulding machines and installations. The name MAGIC mp s.p.a. was introduced in the early 1960s by the Chairman, Piero Giacobbe; however, construction of the machinery started in 1959. The history of the manufacturing of extrusion/blow-moulding machinery began with the smallest machine of the series, which was displayed at the Trade Fair -, Milan’s biggest annual exhibition in that period -, where it immediately aroused a great deal of interest.


In 1995 Piero’s son, Ferruccio, took the lead of the company; after working in the machine shop, where he was involved with production, he drew up his first major project, which would be carried out in 1997, with the electric machine. 


In 2009 Davide Giacobbe Ferlisi joined the Board of Directors. Married with two children, he belongs to the family’s third generation in the company, where he has brought major changes – for example, in the business structure.


The first fully electric machine, “Baby Electric” (now ME-100/DE), was brought into the market, mainly for small pharmaceutical and cosmetic containers, generating a huge deal of interest, especially among companies manufacturing their products in sterile rooms.


MAGIC MP drew on the remarkable expertise acquired in the development of electric technology to expand the range of electromechanical blow-moulding machines, launching the “EP” series, including the 0.5-1, 2-5 and 5-8 litre models, single-station “ND” and double-station “D”, “XL” versions (long stroke), up to 570 mm for multicavity heads, clamping force up to 120 kN, an extruder up to Ø 120 mm being available for 450 kg/h HDPE.


The historic success achieved with the hydraulic MG series, in the 1970s, 1980s and 1990s, and the experiences made with the electric EP series, made it possible for MAGIC MP to develop and introduce hybrid technology, “IB” series (electro-hydraulics), with models ranging from 500 ml to 30 litres. This series was also made available with “ND” and “D” versions, long stroke up to1000 mm, multi-cavity, max. clamping force 300 kN for manufacturing stackable containers up to 30 l.


Due to the growing market demand, to provide small (e.g. up to 3-5 l), simple and, above all, “cheap” electric machines compared to the EP series, MAGIC MP achieved one more goal, introducing the “ME” series, from the world’s smallest (and fastest), ME-100/DE, to medium-size ME-L5. The versions available were the same as the other series, namely “ND” and “D”; long stroke up to 520 mm; max. clamping force 120 kN.


Focusing its attention on the market trend and customers’ new requirements, MAGIC MP introduced a sound alternative to gain an edge over the machines manufactured in Asian countries, or local (e.g. European) production, where some competitors relied on “prices” as the number-one technology! MAGIC MP responded promptly, developing the new series of hybrid blow-moulding machines, “UE”, simpler and cheaper, designed for the customers in need of new machinery to manufacture containers with really low productions costs, where more sophisticated or “richer” machines would not justify the investment. The new “UE” series comprised models ranging from 500 ml to 5-8 l, in “ND” and “D” (e.g. XL long stroke) versions, sharing the same performance and quality standard as model “IB”, though based on simplified construction (which does not mean poorer! – for example, the components on board were still by Siemens, Festo, Atos, Rexroth) and, obviously enough, on highly competitive prices.

2009 / 10

Those years proved to be crucially important to MAGIC MP. Our know-how and commitment to research, testing and building several versions allowed us to expand the medium-big range of blow-moulding machines, “ME”. As the result of this major step forward, MAGIC MP is the only manufacturer in the world to boast such a wide range of electric blow-moulding machines with unprecedented clamping forces being applied, an achievement supported by patents obtained on both clamping and translation. 

As well as small and medium size models up to 5 l, the “ME” range also includes the following:

ME-L8-10/..:“ND” and “D”, max. clamping force 180 kN, long stroke up to 700 mm
ME-L15-20/…: “ND” and “D”, max. clamping force 250 kN, long stroke up to 900 mm
ME-L30-40/…: “ND” and “D”, max. clamping force 500 kN, long stroke up to 1000 mm


This proved one more crucial year for MAGIC MP, since we introduced the long-stroke machines of the “ME-LS” series. Obviously enough, these are electric machines, as we pioneered this technology of the future, in which we firmly believe. New building and processing solutions are expected to be developed, and new investments made in equipment for our factories, with a view to maintaining a high quality standard for our blow-moulding machines, and maximizing their flexibility and performance.

2013 / 14

After not being active in the injection, drawing and blow-moulding market for over 10 years, we are back with a machine which is going to revolutionize our industry - the first single-stage 100% electric machine. The BME series further proves our commitment to research on, and development of, full-electric technology, a mission which kicked off 15 years ago, with the extrusion/blow-moulding machines.